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on the one year anniversary of president obama's comments when he warned the regime of using chemical weapons. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons being utilized. >> nbc's richard engel is following this story from cairo. >> if that was the red line a year ago and that red line had been crossed when they used small amounts of chemical weapons, they are alleging that a more significant incident has happened. there was a ba rage of surface of surface missiles attacking ten villages and towns to the east and north of damascus. these attacks we have not been able to independently confirm them. but we have seen children, women, men, lifeless bodies laid out in makeshift hospitals to exhibit no obvious injuries gunshots or bomb fragments. people who suffocated because of a chemical agent in the air. the regime is suggesting that the rebels have fabricated the incident to distract those in syria right now. the numbers are certainly in the hundreds and may top 1,000. the video there is very distrucking. we are hearing that a court there is ordering -- to be relea
obama talking about what is probably your biggest investment today, your house. what he's saying and the changes that could be in the works for the housing market. he talked a little bit about it yesterday in a big speech in phoenix. today answering questions about housing, and a brand new list. we love lists, goldman sachs sending out a note of what it calls the 40 cheapest stocks in the market. can they make you money? well, we're going to give you the list throughout our show today. first though, down to sue, nyse. hi, sue. >> hi, ty. right now the markets are falling a little bit, not all that much, but it's the third straight day to the downside. right now the dow jones industrial average is down 47 points. the s&p 500 is off about 6.25, and the nasdaq off 16 and the russell 2000 off 7.5. in terms of interest rates, we actually moved down a little bit on the interest rate earlier this morning, and we're at 2.61%. comex gold is snapping its losing streak, up about two bucks on the trading session and brent crude is down half a percent. kenny polcari a cbs analyst joins me as
. he's been up to my office. he would come up to my office tell me terrible things about obama and governor cuomo but he sat with me on a number of occasions and would talk to me but never happy because he felt i should have done more. let's listen on walk this morning. listen what he had to say and we'll give yo chance to respond to it. >> they never registered as a university they kept lying to the new york state department of education. trump in his promotional videos said people would be talk his insider secrets and given access to a confidential list of ip ve investors. >> what he said was a total lie. we talked with the people. they negotiated and when they said no we took the name university off and used a different name. you have to see the curriculum and the books and the kinds of things that we have done. you have to see the quality of the professor and teacher that we have. he is trying to try it in the press. he knows he is going to lose the trial. we have wonderful people that have worked there. everything that he said there is totally wrong. when they said okay do
has been non-farm payrolls. we'll keep that scorecard for you. president obama giving a speech on fannie mae and freddie mac today, and i see the home builders are a little bit weak. there's a concern he'll call for essentially phasing out fannie and freddie and some people are concerned it will lead to higher interest rates down the road, way down the road but people stress about this very early on. meantime, the retailers a little bit of a split news here. kors and fossil had great guidance, the jewelry-makers, shoe-makers, et cetera and the teen retailers, american eagle lowered their numbers and they are all to the downside so really a split market here. >> that's really amazing. look at those michael kors numbers, up 18% or something like that, just astounding. >> overall the numbers have been really good. again, in a different group, accessories, bags, shoes, jewelry, that's what's selling. >> get one of these suits there? >> yeah. >> we're going to run out to rick santelli now in chicago, get the news on a three-year note auction, rick? >> parts of this auction that were
to move around the country. is president obama putting enough pressure on russia, or do they just like to stick it in our eye? we're going to talk to the ranking member of the house foreign affairs committee about that and more. >>> banks, beware. that means you beware. the group that calls themselves the cyber fighters will launch attacks on the system through the next few weeks. sue, the joint is jumping. >> it sure is, ty, thank you. the bulls are indeed off and running on this first day of august. the dow hit an all-time high this morning, and since the bond buying began in november of 2008, the dow is up 86%. that kind of puts it in perspective, right? the s&p 500, the trade is better than 1%, the nasdaq is better than a percent and the russell 2000 is up 1.31%. the volatility index, down 3-3/4%. brent crude is now up almost 1-1/2%. u.s. manufacturing growth in july rising to its highest level in two years. weekly jobless claims dropping to a five and a half year low. and bob ask knd kenny are here put it in perspective. that is my favorite, an 86% move. the bears would say that's
of some u.s. embassies amid what the obama administration calls serious and credible threats by al qaeda. diplomatic facilities will remain closed in many of the countries you see right there throughout the middle east and africa until at least august 10th. >>> the global travel alert coming at the same time as a global travel conference is taking place in san diego. jane wells is there live. jane, how is the global industry taking all this in? >> well, they are sort of processing it today, this is the global business travel association meeting, 400 companies and 7,000 people, all of whom are getting used to traveling in a more dangerous world. >> business travelers have become much more accustomed to it, and in a global economy you know that you do have a higher risk profile than maybe in years past, but it's a fact of life, and we all deal with it. >> so he says companies are detailing products which help you track and redirect traveling employees to safety concur which manages travel bookings and expenses for companies and report a 23% revenue growth last week. it's introducing a new
will we do? let me emphasize, president obama, we in the united states, we believe in the united nations, and we have great respect for the brave inspectors who endured regime gunfire and obstructions to their investigation, but as ban ki-moon, the secretary-general has said again and again, the u.n. investigation will not affirm would used these chemical weapons. that is not the mandate of the u.n. investigation. they will only affirm whether such weapons were used. by the definition of their own mandate, the u.n. can't tell us anything that we haven't shared with you this afternoon or that we don't already know, and because of the guaranteed russian obstructionism of any action through the u.n. security council, the u.n. cannot galvanize the world to act as it should, so let me be clear. we will continue talking to the congress, talking to our allies and most importantly talking to the american people. president obama will ensure that the united states of america makes its own decisions based on our values and interests and on its own time line. we know after a decade of conflict the a
with the tapering ahead? >>> plus president obama meeting regulators in about an hour to discuss progress in implementing financial rules. as we head out, some of the biggest financial stocks trading. we'll be back in two minutes 37 >>> shares of supernus pharmaceuticals surging. the company saying they will soon launch an epilepsy drug after receiving final approval from the food and drug administration. >> thank you very much, simon. the market trying to bounce back from its first back-to-back weekly losses since late june. so are we in the middle of a slow correction? joining us from d.c., michael farr. he is a cnbc contributor. michael, what do you think? where are we? >> we're having a pullback in here and i can't quite tell how long it's going to last. i wouldn't be surprised to see a little bit more of a pullback. we haven't had many in recent years, tyler, and we've seen stocks appreciate some 150%. we're also in that doldrums period of the summer where there's not a lot of news. if you look over my shoulder next time they have me on screen here, you will see that things look very
't get the bump up. interesting. subject number two, obama is pro posing a controversial plan to make college affordable. he will rate universityies and score card will decide if a school is worth it and at what price and will help the government decide whether it will subsidize the school. >> do you like it? >> i don't think they have the ability to do it. the reason it is so expensive is because the government subsidize it a lot. it gets more and more expensive. that is the problem. they are not going to solve the cost of college by doing this value analysis. >> michele is right. there is no way that we want the government seizing more control of education, that is a disaster. i call this the obama plan to ban poetry. they are not going to study philosophy and poetry. it shouldn't just be about that. it is a bad, bad, plan. >> the fda is considering regulation on e cigarettes. how is this going to change the industry? >> i can imagine you smoking an e cigarette. >> it is going to get people to smoke more. >> look at that. it is a great replacement for in hailing smoke. i don't smoke
to control health care costs. >> starting to see the imprint of both obama care and the sequester. the people moving from full-time employment to part-time for furloughs are really picking up right now, all kinds of anecdotes in the contractors to the defense try. >> economists and analysts who track defense-sensitive try bay beginning in the spring we started to see a slowdown in job growth while the rest of the economy was in fact trending upward. tyler? >> thanks very much. let's go to the story that keeps on giving. dell's stock up today after the board approved a better offer from michael dell and his partners silver lake. the stock is up 5.5% over the last week but is it really now a done deal? josh lipton watching it all from the market desk. >> an agreement has been reached with the buyout group led by ceo mike dell to purchase the company for 1375 per share, the group tacking on a one-time shareholder payout of 13 cents per share which michael dell is personally purchasing. we are pleased to have won another battle in the dell war, said carl icahn, but the battle itself is over. more
? >>> then, will we strike and if so when? president obama says no decision has yet been made on military action against syria. we will speak about that with a former u.s. ambassador to syria and former u.s. secretary william cohen also joins us. >>> and google co-founder brennan and his wife calling it quits. brennan supposedly involved with another google employee. >>> simon hobbs is my partner here at the nyse. simon? >> you have the u.s. economy trumping fears for the moment on the fed and certainly the crisis in syria. they're up 2.5%. stronger growth, though. still questions of what will happen in the second half of the year. if you look at the market, strong gains in the dow for the second session were up 67 points. boeing responsible for about a quarter of that gain. verizon, ibm, united health, procter & gamble also helping. and what has lifted us to the upside in equities has brought us down, especially in gold. we're currently at the 10-year at 2.5%. we have institutional sales and cnbc market analyst. welcome, steve. tell us where we are now. >> the important thing is you just
in the company's loss reserves. earlier this week president obama traveled to phoenix to make a strong pitch to dismantle fannie mae and freddie mac and bring private capital back to the mortgage market. fannie mae's ceo says that profitability should not slow the appropriate debate. loan offers are still high, but the higher home prices are helping to offset that. fannie mae stock, which is really worthless, continues to trade on speculation to what will happen to the future of the gses. back to you. >> she also managed to look good even in humid washington. >>> is hilton about to come back into the new york stock exchange? we'll talk about that. >>> there's brand-new crash test video. straight ahead. stay tuned to "power lunch." we're back in two. ♪ [ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me. it appears it's an agent of good. ♪ [ agent smith ] ge software connects patients to nurses to the right machines while dramatically reducing waiting time. [ telephone ringing ] now a waiting room is just a room. [ static warbles ] >>> in the cars that perform poorly, the crash test dum
ceiling, saying that president obama will not negotiate over the hot button issue. john is live with his exclusive interview. >> the president said he's not going to negotiate although he is going to negotiate on an extension of government funding and what to do about the sequester. but those aren't the only things on his plate. i asked whether or not he was concerned about the market reaction to two different events, the potential for military strike against syria and also the potential tapering of federal reserve's bond buying program. here's what he had to say. >> you know, i focus on the core economy here. we have foreign policy decisions that are going to need to be made for reasons other than core economics. and obviously we'll have to manage accordingly. in terms of fed tapering, as treasury secretary don't comment on monetary policy. but i will focus on core economics. we've seen -- >> how strong is the core economy? >> i think it's been growing in the 2% range and i think it's important to note that's with substantial head winds from federal policy, some on purpose, some not on
including many americans tried to get out of the country. >> today at 3:00 p.m. president barack obama will hold a news conference. watch it right here on cnbc and yesterday some of the biggest names in technology quietly arrived at the white house. eamon javers live at the white house. >> reporter: apple ceo tim cook was at the white house according to a story broken by politico and confirmed by white officials and the ceo of at&t was here. what they were talking about in specific, not real clear and the white house official telling us generally they were talking about implications for security and technology. now we can assume that this is all in the post-snowden era. we're expecting to hear more from the president on this subject at 3:00 p.m. today, as you say, in the east room. giving a press conference. you can expect he'll be badgered by questions. the "wall street journal" is reporting right now that their sources are telling them that the president will announce some sort of reforms or changes in u.s. national security surveillance policies at this press conference at 3:00. we'
the obama tax rates which could be pushing them up into a 50% bracket which lends you to see a taxable equivalent yield of 9% to 9.2%. that's a lot to pass up for an investor who is getting asurety of that return. >> talking about the search for yield and reach for yield, but we tend to think of it strictly in terms of the equity markets, not muni bonds as much as we did, say a year ago. >> it's easy owe make will call because munis got hurt on the detroit concern. is that an issue we'll see further problems with other municipalities down the road? >> that's a great point, bob. i think you'll see more complicated issues per state, but those are the ones where, you know, a good portfolio manager is going to look and say what are the revenues and tax revenues that will always be there? we'll be in our cars and rvs passing through turn pikes. >> you betcha. >> but it's an important point, and also to your point about china just getting back to the global markets. you're looking at a pe ratio going forward in the capital markets in europe about 12 to 13 times versus the united states which
decades ago. another interesting thing here, by the way, you have the obama administration taking the side of consumers, but in a sense opposing another important constituency, and that's labor. back in the old days this would have been an easy call for a democratic administration, because labor unions hated mergers, but the past few mergers have been so positive for labor, delta and northwest especially, very few people lost their jobs and everybody got big raises that here you have the unions actually out in front supporting this. you had mesh unions supporting this merger before management did, and so that's an interesting line to walk, and interesting to see the position that the administration is taking. >> seth, thank you very much. appreciate you being with us. seth kaplan of "airline weekly." now to sue who will bring us up to date on the markets. >> a lot of ups and downs. a big recovery in the dow jones industrial average. part that have linked to the comments just a few moments ago by one of the fed members, mr. lockhart, talking to our steve liesman saying there's not enough da
that, reports came in of four egyptian troops had been shot to death in the sinai. president obama addressed the situation seemingly deteriorating in cairo and egypt from martha's vineyard earlier today. >> mohamed morsi was elected president in a democratic election. his government was not inclusive. we know that many egyptians, millions of egyptians, perhaps even a majority of egyptians, were calling for a change in course. let me say that the egyptian people deserve better than what we've seen over the last several days. >> cnbc is live in a very tense cairo. yusef? >> reporter: well, tyler, in the last few minutes we've got the report that the casualty toll in the sinai peninsula has risen after an attack on a checkpoint. we now understand that seven, not four, soldiers were killed in the attack. clashes are still under way across egypt. it's not just happening in sinai, it's happening in carroll and reports of attacks on churches, on police stations, on shops and even on banks. clearly the stakes are much, much higher and they will continue to fight. a spokesman saying they wi
obama. also, of course, other countries reviewing their ties with egypt. the european union as a whole will be having a lot of discussions over the weekend. meanwhile, the suez canal remains undisrupted despite the flurry of activity across egypt. >> thanks so much for that report. >>> moving back to financial news, if we hit 3% on the ten-year treasury, what is it going to mean for everything? steve liesman has been looking into, it everything. >> you know, tyler, as rates rise and the world turns we offer our own cnbc soap opera. what does it mean? all the answers coming up next, tyler. >> what happened when the earth started to move? an earthquake caught on tape next. look at that. looking at classic hits, and me's getting rocked, baby. announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number? scottrade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade
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